Certified Energy Analyst, Independent Consultant

Gerald P. Cousins

40+ years Business and Entrepreneurial Experience. Principal and owner of Cousins Energy an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy the Largest Energy Provide in the world. Ambit is part of a premier integrated energy company able to access the power and resources of one of the largest electricity providers and generators in the country. Vistra. A publicly traded company with a market cap of more than 13 billion dollars.
Offering residential, small commercial and large commercial services. Our emphasis is being a company based on Vision and Tradition and 100% relationship focused on People . Driven by personal contacts and word of mouth.

Our Company

Serving Berks and the Mid-Atlantic Region since 2011

How many of us get a electricity bill every month? Everyone.
Ask yourself: Would it be okay if that bill was lower and I could spend that savings on other things that I enjoy? THAT IS WHAT WE DO!
Now, ask yourself: ‘Would my friends and other business owners I know, appreciate me more if I helped them save money just like I do? OF COURSE THEY WILL!
By partnering with us you earn money every time your friends turns on the light or charge their cellphones. Think of Cousins Energy, next time someone plugs in their cell phone to charge it or switches on a light.

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