Marketing Specialist, CX Advocate

David Green

Dave brings 40+ years of experience as a successful practitioner and business owner. He is formally trained with a degree in organizational management and marketing, and certifications in sales, cable TV marketing and sports and entertainment promotion. Dave is the recipient of the “Super Connector Award” from the nation’s leading Chamber of Commerce for his business networking activities and commitment building local business connections. Dave is president of Hold Time Advantage which produces audio messaging for business telephone systems heard by millions.

“I help businesses to choose and use key points of opportunity for their marketing, advertising, promotion and networking for better results!
My clients appreciate that I sit on the same side of the table with them applying seasoned skills, transparency and confidentiality, to develop new perspectives and resources. I will bring effective solutions, specific to your needs, and support your success!” -David Green

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Still Experimenting With Marketing?
When Will Your Marketing Achieve Your Business Goals?

“Don’t Waste The Moment…
at Key Points of Opportunity!”- David Green

Most business managers are busy running their business, leaving little time to successfully manage their marketing choices. Engaging the right outside perspective will lead to more cost effective solutions and better results.

David Green will serve as your partner to help navigate your marketing strategy and media buying decisions…quickly targeting smarter solutions that are more profitable for your business.
Services include

  • Marketing Assessment and Solutions
  • On Hold Messaging and Voice Prompt
  • Greetings for Telecom
  • Coaching for Better Networking Results



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