Experienced IP & Commercial Trial Lawyer

Jeffrey D. Bukowski

■ Trial Lawyer/Problem Solver with 25 years of experience ■ Admitted to practice in all Pennsylvania courts ■ Former Navy officer

■ Protecting Intellectual Property ■ Enforcing Agreements ■ eDiscovery ■ Cost Effective Litigation Management

Our Company

Jim Smith and Jeff Bukowski joined forces in 2020 to form Smith Bukowski, bringing nearly 50 years of combined legal experience to work for the benefit of their clients.  Jeff’s 25 years of substantial experience in complex litigation comes to the firm infrastructure that formerly supported the Smith Law Group, a firm founded by Jim Smith in 2005, to provide a legal service second-to-none.

Smith Bukowski prides itself on offering clients the very best in legal advocacy while being mindful of the client’s goals and financial limitations.  At Smith Bukowski, you’ll receive special, personalized attention from the staff and you will know and enjoy a strong working relationship with everyone the firm employs.  Your legal needs will be attended to by someone with hands-on, personal knowledge of your circumstances who can specially tailor the legal services to fit your needs.

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